Maine is a State of Mind – Thaydens Photography

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The purpose of this site is to share with you the images I have captured of this special place we call Maine. Being the most northeastern state and having such a diversified landscape and subject matter along with four distinct season’s, (five if you count “mud” season!) gives Maine a uniqueness all of her own. There is so much to see and experience up here in Maine. Lord willing, along with bringing back images from my wanderings that best represent what Maine has to offer I will share some of my experiences and thoughts on what I encounter along the way as well.

If you live, visit, or vacation in this great state, you very well may see an image in my gallery that is familiar or strikes a sentimental chord with you that you would like to purchase for your camp, home, or office. I assure you I have made ordering matted prints easy and affordable. So come on in and poke around and I think you will find that MAINE is a STATE of MIND!

Enjoy it!
Thayden C. Farrington


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